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In this section I will show pictures of audio and audio-video equipment from people all over the world. If you want to see the picture of your equipment shown here, please send me an email to erajr@hotmail.com and attacht to it an image of your system in JPG graphic format. In the SUBJECT of the email please indicate AUDIO GALLERY and in the message body describe your equipment. I'm waiting for your photographs.

July 19th, 1999 ->These images are from José Luis Camacho Espina. It is a Thorens TD 160 turntable that José Luis found (almost in the dustbin). Now is part of his audio equipment. Another audiophile infected with vinyl virus.

October 18th, 1999 ->This is the AV equipment of JavierG. A dedicated room which includes excelent components from Rotel (AV amp), Pioneer (Laser Disc and DVD), B&W, etc.

October 27th, 1999 ->Mr. Koen Vaessen, an audio designer from Belgium has sent this picture of his new speakers called Aquarius. If you want to know more about Mr. Vaessen's designs, visit his web site at www.edge.be/vaessen.

Octuber 29th, 1999 ->Joan Maeso Lorenzo has sent these pictures of his audio gear and his record collection. Joan's components are: Pink Triangle TT, Rega RB-300 tonearm, Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge, Teac P-2 CD transport, Audio Note Dac-3 valve DAC, Amadeus PT-1 Preamplifier, Goldmund Mimesis 8,5 (200W X 2) power amp, Spendor S-100 loudspeakers, Pioneer D-05 DAT. Wires are: Goldmund between transports and DAC, Argent 6000 in all others components and Audioquest Cobalt for loudspeakers (tri-wiring).

November, 9th, 1999->Joan Maeso Lorenzo has sent us these pictures of a friend audio equipment. The person who owns these wonderful machines, owned some years ago a high-end shop in Barcelona (now he sells ultra high-end audio). He has these astonishing machines to play his favourite music. In the pictures you can see a Mcintosh MC275 power amplifier a beautiful Marantz . In the other picture you can see a Dual Arm Thorens Turntable.

August 25th, 2000->Luis Borrego has sent these images of his equipment. The first one is from his Klimo Merlin LS preamplifier with separated power supply (all tube). The second one is from his California Audio Labs Aria MK III CD player. The third is from his Nestorovic mono power amplifiers (150W per channel with 6KD6 output tubes). Other components of his equipment are: Sonus Faber Homage Guarneri loudspeakers; Thorens 126 Mk III turntable with SME III tonearm; AR turntable with Audioquest tonearms and Shure V-15 cartridge; Mistral LFD phono preamplifier; Magnum Dynalab FT-11 tuner; Nakamichi CR2 cassete deck; Marantz 630 Compact Disc Recorder; Solidsteel racks and Straightwire (Virtuoso, Rhapsody II, etc), Van den Hul (The Second y Revelation) cables.

March, 16th 2001->Alvaro Silva from Caracas, Venezula, has sent this image. His equipment is: DVD Pioneer DVL-91, Yamaha CDR-1000 Professional CD-Recorder, Audio Alchemy DAC 3.0, 2 VHS Sony SLV-LX8S, Yamaha DSP-A1 integrated amplifier, Krell KRC-HR preamplifier, Krell FPB-200 power amplifier, B&W Nautilus 802 loudspeakers, B&W Nautilus HTM 2 center channel, B&W Matrix ASW800 subwoofer, Nautilus SCM satellites and Bose AM-5 for front effects. All the system wired with Monster Cable M Series and a AudioPrism Power Fundation III power filter.

June 28th, 2001->Eduard de Cáceres, an spanish audiophile and also the representative in Spain of Opera Audio-Consonance products, has sent these images of some of the components he has. In order, the images that you can see are:

  • Thorens TD124+SME3009+Ortofon SPU G/T
  • Ortofon SPU G-T with transformer inside. 1959 original)
  • Detail of the speed selector of the TD124
  • Opera Audio Consonance M100SE EL34x4
  • Phono Pre-Pre MM Consonance PM1 (3-5 mV)
  • Mauhorn Type IV+ Lowther PM2AC - Silver Coil with Sequerra Met 7 Mk II (2 way monitor) + Sequerra Met 9 (ribbon supertweeter) + Subwoofer with Beyma 12B 100 R cone modified with passive filter by Marià Moya.
  • Mauhorn Type IV- Inside the laberynth

  • August 13th, 2001->At least some updated pictures of my week-end hi-fi system. The first picture shows all the components with the Quad ESL57 panels at the front. In the second image and from up to down and from left to rigth: Kef Q15 loudspeakers, Thorens TD124 turntable with SME 3012R tonearm and Rega Elys cartridge, Quad 22 / Quad II preamp and amps, Marantz CD63SE CD player, Brighton tuner and Vieta A217 amplifiers. In the third image and in the same order Vieta G100 turntable with modified plynth and Shure M110HE cartridge, NAD PP1 phono preamp, Amptek 5/10 passive preamplifier designed and builded by Jorge Bueno, Dynaco ST70 power amplifier, TEAC CDP1100 and Philips CD630 CD players, Fisher X-100B amplifier, Fisher X-101D amplifier, Philips N5151 cassete deck and Scott 299 A type 2 amplifier. Fourth image shows Vieta Allegro and Kef Q15 speakers. The last image shows a detail of the Amptek 5/10 passive preamplifier designed and builded by Jorge Bueno. With this I control all the sources and amplifiers.

    September 3rd, 2001->DanJ sends this photo with the following explantion: This is my modified AR XA. It has a rebuilt motor from a BIC 912, a tweaked tonearm from a Sansui SR-939, a modified suspension (springs are a bit sturdier), and a rewiring job. (Thanks to Walt N. and his machining assistance) It sounds great - very quiet and tight with very solid bass. Picture is before a good polish and a new mat were added.

    September 26th, 2001->Goran Gencic from Beograd has sent images of his equipment. Sources are: Transcriptor Skeleton turntable, Meridian 207 CD transport/dac/preamp, Billy Beard BB100 integrated tube amplifier using EL84 tubes and the wonderful Quad ESL 57 speakers with stands.

    October 1st, 2001->The youngest hi-fi fan I know. Since he was one year old he has always been listening music with his father. Now he's three years old and he has his own equipment. You have to see him listening to the music in his room to believe it. His musical tastes includes The Hollies, Elvis Presley, Elton John, George Michael, CSN&Y, Jamiroquai and even some organ with big bass lines. In the images you could see a Marantz CD63 MKII CD player bought at Cash Converters for 54 Euro (in 1995 it costs almost 360 Euro), a Vieta 1 amplifier that his father had almost forgot and a pair of Denon SC-M100 speakers, bougth new for 54 Euro. By the way...he's my son. We enjoy a lot.

    January 22nd, 2002->Gustavo Alonso has sent these images of his hi-fi gear. Here we can see a Clearaudio Champion Level 2 turntable with SME series IV tonearm and Benz Micro L2 cartirdge, YBA CD2 CD player, Conrad Johnson Premier 14 preamplifier, Krell KSA-150 power amplifier and Sonus Faber Electa Amator speakers.

    February 25th, 2002->Joaquín Lapera has sent this photograph of his equipment: Krell KAV-300i integrated amplifier, TAG McLaren CD20R CD, DAC Tag McLaren, Sony Minidisc, MITerminator 2 interconnects for the CD and MITerminator 4 for the Minidisc, B&W Nautilus 805 speakers, bi-wired with MITerminator 4 and using spikes, DIY wood rack with granit DIY shelves, Transparent Audio Super power wires.

    July 8th, 2002->Some nice pictures from the excellent vintage equipment collection of Miguel Salas, owner of the HI-FI Shop MISACA. In these images that Miguel has sent you can see equipment from Mcintosh, Dynaco, Marantz, AR, Nagra, Thorens, Garrard and many other brands, all of them of the highest quality. Maybe you would like to know that Miguel, sometimes, sells his equipment when he adds new machines to his collection. If you want to contact with Miguel you can do it at Miguel Salas - MISACA. Paseo de los Tilos 62. 29006 Málaga. Telf: 00 34 95 233 56 97.

    September 17th, 2002->Santiago Valderas Redondo has sent this photo of his Clearaudio Champion Limited Edition with a SME 3009 S2 Improved tonearm and a Benz Micro cartridge. As you can see the vinyl is completely alive and the manufacturers are giving to us exceptional equipment and extremely well finished.

    November 11th, 2002->Jordi Mullor has sent this image of his Roselson amplifier. It is an amp based on EL84 and made in Spain during the 60s.

    November 11th, 2002->Mick has sent this photo of his Audion Silver Knights (gold) amplifiers and his Michell Orbe (silver), SME V and Sumiko Blue Point. Mick says that he also has a Wadia 861 CD player and a pair of KEF 107s speakers. In addition to that you have to know that Mick is one of the best sellers of classic and modern hi-fi in the UK. At Ebay UK, using the nickname Good-HiFi, Mick sells wonderful equipment for all the music lovers around the world. Take note of that because he's a really good seller.

    January 10th, 2003->Miguel Serrano has sent this images of his DIY speakers. They were built in 2001 using a paralepipedic desing with a volume of 18 liters, rear bass reflex port and Monacor speakers (made in germany. Model 7" SPH165C for the mid-woofer and silk-dome tweteer). The filter is a 2nd order Fc=3,5 khz with a Butterworth type curve compensation. The speakers are made of 3cm and piano black finished. Miguel continues bulding speakers and now is working on a 16 litres model with Kevlar cones.

    January 23rd, 2003->Joaquin Lapera has sent this image from his equipment: B&W Nautilus 805 with stands, Krell KAV-300i, CD TAG McLaren CD20R, TAG McLaren DAC20 DAC, MITerminator 4 and 2 interconnects, B&W ASW2500 subwoofer, TAG McLaren 125M power amplifier, B&W Natutilus HTM2 center channel speaker, Sony STR-DB870 receiver, Sony VPL-HS1, Sony DVD and Video, 2 Rotel RB-951 in mono mode for rear channels, B&W DM602 S2 for rear channels, Transparent power cord, Granite and Corian stands with spikes.

    June 19th, 2003->Alvaro Silva from Venezuela has sent this photo of his AV system.

    September 10th, 2003->Alfonso de Rojas has sent these images of his DIY speakers project that has surprised us very much. They are based on the Nautilus by B&W. DIY to the highest specs! Everything handmade. 423 hours of hard work. Alfonso will use these speakers with his multiamplification system: Copland 289 CD player, DIY analogic active filter, Rotel RB 1070 power amplifier for bass, two monophonic DIY Aleph 3 power amplifers for mids and Audio Agile Single-End for treble. You can see this and other projects made by Alfonso at www.aderojas.com.

    September 25th, 2003->Alfonso de Rojas has sent these new images from his speakers. Wonderful as you can see. We hope to listen to them very soon.

    November 3rd, 2003->Volker Behrens has sent these pics. A speakers based on a 12" coaxial driver by Cantare with an eficiency of 96dB. You can see more of Volker's equipment at his web site www.saque.de.

    December 3rd, 2003->Chicho López has sent these images of his equipment: DPA preamp, DPA model M-200 mono power amps, Mcintosh MR-78 tuner, Nakamichi 1000 ZXL cassete deck, Oracle Delhpi MKII turntable with Van den Hul MC1 cartridge, Marantz M-6050 CD recorder, Philips M400 laser disc, Sota step-up transformer for MC cartridges by John Curl, DPA RIAA phono preamp and B&W 801 Matrix Series III speakers.

    December 8th, 2003->Marcello Giaquinto, an italian living in Laussane (Switzerland) has sent these images of his equipment: Krell FPB 300C as main power amplifier; Musical Fidelity HT 600 mulitchannel power amplifier to triamp the central speaker; Musical Fidelity HTP processor (ready to upgrade to Theta CASANOVA); TACT 2.0 Room Correction System; Métronome Technologie TA 2 Signature CD transport; Métronome Technologie C1 A Signature 24/192 tube DAC; Boîte Noire Référence line conditioner; Eggleston Audio ANDRA speakers; Revel C30 central speaker; Custom made silver cable, 75% of silver with 30 conductors (Marcello says: "a la Nordost, but sounding better than the SPM eference and Quattrofili and 4 times cheaper. Unique in Europe only for me and my friends!!"); Self made stands (Marcello has a furniture company) with 4cm diameter tubular structure; 38 mm tick shelves made with exotic woods to reduce vibrations.

    December 11th, 2003->Some friends of Matrix HiFi went to visit José Maria Lancis in Zaragoza (Spain). In that visit we saw some of his amazing designs. DIY stuff at the highest level. Good design, excellent finishes and the care in manufacturing that we want to see more frequently. In these images you can see some of Jose Maria's designs: a 5 way speaker system for his active multiamplified system, many designs of modular speakers and this wonderful tube amplifier that stole my heart. It is a monophonic power amplifier using 6 KT88 per channel to deliver 120 watts in tetrode mode and 70 watts in triode mode. Made with care and love by Jose Maria using high quality components. It is still a "prototype" (just think about the final model!!!). I promise that I will go back to Jose Maria's home when the amps will be finished and I will come back with an article for you. Many thanks to Jose Maria for his great work and for the warm welcome he gave to us.

    December 11th, 2003->Pere Grifell has sent these pictures of his ERA turntable, o frech made turntable similar to Thorens TD150 that uses a suspended chassis. The unit is fitted with a SME 3009 tonearm and a Shure cartridge.

    December 30th, 2003->Mick has sent a new photo of his system: Shanling CDT-100 CD player, Trichord Delphini phono preamp, EAR 834L preamplifeir, Michell Orbe turntable with SME V and a pair of wonderful QUAD II Gold Anniversary amplifier. In addition to that, you have to know that Mick is one of the best sellers of classic and modern hi-fi in the UK. At Ebay UK, using the nickname Good-HiFi, Mick sells wonderful equipment for all the music lovers around the world. Take note of that because he's a really good seller. See his web site at www.good-hifi.co.uk.

    January 20th, 2004->Carles Escrig has sent these images of his equipment: Thiel 3.6 speakers, Goldmund Mimesis 28 preamplifier, Goldmund Mimesis 27 power amplifier, DAC Audiomat Tango 2, CD Accuphase DP-80L, Clearaudio Evolution, Rega RB250 tonearm, Benz Micro Gold cartridge and Trigon Vanguard phono preamp.

    January 20th, 2004->Carles Escrig has sent also these images of the hand made tube amp he is using in his second hi-fi system. It is the Estudi amplifier based on a pair of EL34 tubes in push-pull configuration.

    January 26th, 2004->A. E. Pinto has sent some pictures of his equipment: DIY tube amplifier, german Rex turntable made in the 1950s, that he uses for 78 rpm records, fitted with a Sincron tonearm and Sonotone 11TAF cartridge.

    January 26th, 2004->José Maria Magí has sent these images of this amplifier made by Vieta in the golden era of spanish hi-fi. It is the Vieta A230 power amplifier, made in 1961 and winner of the ADI/FAD spanish national desing price of that year. It is a very scarce and unusual product that José Maria has in perfect working order. The amplifier was designed by Antoni Bosch Martí and only 24 units were made (12 with aluminium chassis and 12 with stainless steel chassis) plus a prototype that has the person who built almost all the units, Jaume Figueres. The amplifier uses a classic Mulllard circuit desing that works in class AB to deliver 30 watts per channel form a pair of EL34 tubes per channel in push-pull ultralinear configuration. A real jewel that José Maria preserves with care.

    February 2nd, 2004->José Maria Magí has sent these images of the Vieta P230 preamplifier, the partner of the Vieta A230 power amplifier shown above. A pleasure for vintage lovers that show us the great equipment that was made in Spain a long time ago.

    February 6th, 2004->Marcello Giaquinto has sent these images of the new equipment that he has added to his existing system. The most surprising component is the CARVER "SILVER SEVEN" power amplifier. In 1994 only 10 units were located in Europe. It uses 15 6550 GE tubes to deliver 500 watts RMS on 8 ohms! 200 kilos of tube power. He has also replaced his CD player with this Krell MD10.

    March 15th, 2004->Xabier has sent these images of his equipment: B&W CDM 9NT speakers, Rega P3 turntable with Benz Micro Gold cartirdge, Pro-ject Phono Box SE phono preamp, Vincent SV 233 integrated amplifier, Rotel RCD961 Cd player, Ecosse cables.

    March, 22nd, 2004->Alejandro Blanco from Argentina has sent these images of his Quad family: Quad ESL 57 speakers, Quad ESL 63 speakers with Gradient SW63 subwoofer, Quad 33/303/FM3 and DPA amplifier, CD player and DAC.

    March 25th, 2004->Eduard de Cáceres has sent these images of the last speakers that Marià Moya has designed. It is based on an AER full range speaker and a Beyma woofer heavily modified by Marià Moya. The images show the finished speaker, some tests of filters and speaker binding posts.

    March 25th, 2004->Alejandro Suarez has sent this image of his first hifi system: Rotel RA-01 integrated amplifier, NAD C540 CD player, Technics SL-BD20D turntable with Shure M92E cartridge and B&W DM602 S3 speakers. Welcome to the audio world!

    May 3rd, 2004->A. E . Pinto has sent this image of his last design. An ultralineal push-pull amplifier based on 6L6 tubes. It delivers 35 watts per channel and it is called Rustika.

    May 13th, 2004->Angel Villegas has sent these images of his system: CD Denon 1560, Receiver Sansui mod. G-22000 from the end of the 1970s with 220w/channel and 42 kgs and Infinity mod. Kappa 7 speakers.

    June 14th, 2004->Pere Ruiz has sent these images of the 1981 Sonimag expo (the audio expo held in Barcelona some years ago). In these images we can see some products by Vieta and other brands. The system 5000 was awarded with the FAD prize (industrial desing prize for 1981). It was and it is a very good system. I can say that becasuse I have a system like that very near.

    June 17th, 2004->Alfonso Martin has sent these images of his system: Unison Research Unico CD player, Odyssey Stratos Plus power amp, Trigon TRV100 preamp, Sony STR-DA7ES AV receiver, Pioneer 757ai DVD player, SONY PFM B2 42" plasma TV, Dynaudio s3.4 front speakers, B&W DM602S3 rear speakers (not inpicture), B&W LRC60 center speaker and B&W ASW650 active subwoofer .

    July 12th, 2004->Some pics of the Estudi amplifier, that already appeared in this section some months ago. First an integrated amplifier in push-pull configuration and class AB (biased towards class A) that delivers 35 watts per channel. Svetlana tubes as power tubes and Philips JAN in the preamp section. The second system are a pair of mono power amps in push-pull configuration with two 6550 tubes delivering 50 watts per channel. Mullard tubes in the preamp section. Also in this image a line preamp (still a prototype) that is using a GZ34 as rectifier and Phillips Miniwatt. All the Estudi amps are hand made. Point-to-point soldering and quality parts (Alps Blue Velvet, Sprague Orange Drop 716P, Sprague Atom, Auricap, metal film resistors, etc). All the transformers made in France by the same manufacturer that mades transformers for Kora. Soon more information about this amplifiers in the Auditions section of Audio Nirvana.

    July 13th, 2004->Eduard de Cáceres has sent these images of his new EMT 928. It is from the last version made by Barco. A beauty and an excellent example of good engineering applied to vynil reproduction.

    August 8th, 2004->Marcello Giaquinto has sent these images of his new equipment: Krell FPB 600C amplifier, Tannoy TD12 speakers and DCS Delius converter plus DCS 972 upsampler.

    September 30th, 2004->Joan Martorell has sent these images of his Quad ESL 57 bronze speakers with Sheldon Stokes stands.


    October 5th, 2004->Joan Martorell has sent these images of his Tecno Line KT66 tube amplifier that he combines with a pair of Quad ESL 57. In his words, Joan describes the sound of his system as "crystal clear, with natural bass, natural mids and sweet treble. A sound that can be a surprise for every audiophile".

    October 18th, 2004->Santi Carreras has sent these images of the inside of his Air Tight.

    November 11th, 2004->Goran Gencic has sent this images of his equipment: 4 x stacked Quad ESL 57, 2 x Gradient Subwoofers SW 57 with active crossover, Quad 33 pre-amp and 2 x Quad 303 (modified by NET Audio upgrade, one for Quads, the other for Gradients), Quad CD 67 Transcriptor Skeleton turntable with Grace 707 arm and Grado Signature cartridge.

    December 07th, 2004->Marcello Giaquinto has sent these images of his system: Krell MD10 CD player and Tannoy TD12 Dimension speakers.

    January 24th, 2005->Cesar Mendez has sent these images of his equipment: AKAI AM-2600 amplifier, AKAI CS-702D cassete deck, THORENS 166 mkII turntable and SCOTT S177 speakers. The system was bought in 19977 and is still working perfectly.

    February 09th, 2005->Joan Martorell has sent these images of his new preamplifier made by Tecno Line. He uses the preamp with a Tecno Line amplifier and a pair of Quad ESL 57 and he obtains an excellent sound.

    February 14th, 2005->Eduard Cáceres has sent these images of two of his classic equipment. The first is an inside view of a Leak Stereo 20 slightly modified to work with modern preamps and the second is the inside of a Goodmans speaker restored by Marià Moya.

    February 18th, 2005->Eduard Cáceres has sent these images of his custom made preamplifier by former Vieta designer Jaume Figueres inside an old Marantz chassis.

    August 12th, 2005->Julio Aznar has sent these images of his system: Epos speakers, Quad 77 amplifier and Marantz CD63SE CD player. In the images we can see the modifications he has made on the Marantz (new clock, OPA2134, analog output, power filter, Wima capacitors and Vishay resistors). The last image is from his tube-ouput CD player.

    September 22nd, 2005->Carlos Cidoncha has sent these images of his equipment: Recording tower, Monitor Dynaudio 25 speakers, DAT/CD and turntable speed regulator, Clearaudio + Trigon preamp, Pioneer pcl590+SME309+EAR 834p, Teac CD transport + Dac Goldmund, Gryphon Callisto 2100 amplifier.

    October 13th, 2005->Rafael Garcia has sent this image of his system: Sony Sp-X65 turntable, Marantz 1150 integrated amplifier, Marantz 1152DC integrated amplifier, Marantz 250M power amp, Marantz 3600 preamp and Technics Sh-9010 equalizer. The speakers he uses are: Pioneer CS-711, CS-911 and Sansui SPX-8700.

    November 14th, 2005->Goran Racic from South Africa has sent these images of his system: Garrard 401+SME 3009 Mk II Improved + Grado Red (phono preamp with 2x E88CC by www.tubeaudiolab.co.yu still to be collected!), 2x20 W direct heated triodes/single ended integrated amplifier (no feedback, of course!) with CCa+12SN7+VT4C (211) tube lineup by www.tubeaudiolab.co.yu, Jolida JD-100 CD player(with RCA 5751 Command tubes in output), Jolida JD-402 tuner(RCA 6201+ Sylvania 5751), Infinity Alpha 40 + (under construction) Lowther PM2A in Mauhorn Signature 1 speakers and Kimber PBJ+various custom made silver interconnects.

    December 30th, 2005->Jorge Martín has sent images of his system: Clearaudio Champion turntable with SME Champion tonearm (a SME 309 with Clearaudio Sixtream wiring) and Benz Micro L2 cartridge; Jadis JD3/JS3 CD trasnport/DAC; Teac V-3000 acssete deck; Sony QS tuner, Denon 2900 multiformat player and Onkyo CD recorder; Gryphon Tabu Pre/One preamplifier with phono module; Gryphon Tabu Two/Onehundred power amp; Wilson Audio CUB speakers; Musical Fidelity X-Cans V2 headphone amp with X-PSU power supply; Sennheiser HD-600 and HD265 headphones; Artesanía Audio Prestige rack and Artesanía shelves for other components; XLO Signature speaker cables; Gryphon interconnects, Clearaudio, Audioquest and Tara Labs; HMS power cords, Clearaudio and Van den Hul; Ensemble Powerpoint.

    February 6th, 2006->Ger has sent images of his system: Prima Luna Prologue One amplifier (4xEL34 AB, 35W/channel), CD Sony XA5ES, Thorens TD 160 MKII turntable with Rega RB 300 tonearm and Goldring cartridge and Epos ES22 speakers.

    October 09th, 2006->Joan Martorell has sent this pictures of his stacked Quad. A classic configuration that rises the sound quality of the Quads even more.

    November 27th, 2006->Andrew Vanderkruk has sent these images of his speakers. The Mahogany set are 60hz horn using Altec 4168b derived from Split A210 theater horn, and 200hz Bentwood horn using TAD 4002 driver. Excellent Flat response from 60hz to 20000hz and 112db @ 1watt. The "Vanderhorn" in Maple is a rear loaded corner horn using BMS15cx682 coaxial, very efficient and tight low end, very much a boxless sound no room boom.

    November 27th, 2006->Juan Manuel Reinoso has sent these images of his self made speakers, the Jericho. It uses FOXTEX SIGMA 208 drivers in a rear loaded horn box similar to the Lowther FIDELIO model.

    November 27th, 2006->Eduard de Caceres has sent these images of his Wharfedale Super 8" drivers that he has restored and he's using with his equipment.

    December 04th, 2006->Miguel Cabrera has sent these images of his system: Linn LP12 Sondek with Ittok tonearm and Denon DL-103 cartridge, Meridian 506 20bits CD player, DIY Pre-pre MC with Lundahl transformers, Audio Reseach SP-9 MkII pre, Aragon 8008 bb power amp, Sonus Faber Concerto Grand speakers, Audioquest, Ixos, Puresonic y DIY cables and Flexy Table hifi rack, a DIY desing by TNT Audio.

    December 26th, 2006->Alex has sent this images of the restoration of his Vieta A217 tube amplifier. The two first photos were taken before the restoration and the two second after all the process. Now it looks great!

    September 10th, 2007->Antonio Carlos Silva Moura has sent hese images of his system based on a modified Playstation PS1002. The system also includes Cambridge 540A v2 amp, Cambridge 640C v2 CD player, Kef IQ5 speakers, self made steel rack, VDH and Nordost cables, Supra and Lapp Kabel DIY and coax DIY TV speaker cable. The playstation project can be seen at http://www.audiopt.net/Som-c2/Cabos-Acessorios-DIY-Tweaks-Tratamentos-Acusticos-Racks-f6/Caixa-para-a-PS1-em-MDF-t724.htm

    September 10th, 2007->Ruben Rubio has sent these images of his system: ONKYO turntable, ROTEL RT-930 AX tuner, ROTEL RA-971 CD player, TEAC W-700R cassete deck, ROTEL RA-971 amp, B&W DM-603 speakers and AKG-141 STUDIO headphones

    September 20th, 2007->Marcello Giaquinto has sent these images of his system: Triamplified system with B&W 808 speakers made for the 20th anniversary of the firm; 2 Studer A68 power amps in mono for each 30 cm woofer; 2 rare (only 400 in the world) Philips 578 Laboratories Made in USA power amps, one for mids and one for highs; Cary SLP-05 preamp with separated power supply; CD player Vintage Marantz CD94 MKII; self made hifi rack.

    December 31st, 2007->Jesús Gonzalez Lopez has sent this image of his system: Sony SCD-1, Gryphon Prelude pre, Air Tight Atm-2 power amp, Dynaudio C-1 speakers and Purist, Siltech and Vibes cables.

    December 31st, 2007->Luis Vacas has sent these images of classic equipment that were shown from November 30th to December 2nd at the Swiss hifi show "Klangschloss" (www.klangschloss.ch). High end systems and many classics like these: QUAD 57 speakers, Marantz electronics and Thorens 124 turntables. This system won the best system award, best product award and best demonstration award. In the last image you can see the external power supply unit made by swiss Thorens specialist Schopper for the Thorens 124 turntable.

    February 26th, 2008->Luis Hernández has sent these images of the power amplifier he has made. It is a tube amp in class A with 807 power tubes in tetrode and 6SN7GT tube as preamp tubes. It delivers 11W aproximately.

    February 12th, 2009->Chuck has sent this pic of his 50th anniversary present. The equipment shown is: JM labs Nova Utopia speakers, REL Studio III Subwoofer, YBA Passion 600 preamp, EAR 834P phono stage, Edge G8+ monoblock power amps, Ayre C5XE DVD-A player, Nottingham Spacedeck with heavy kit turntable, SME 309 tonearm with Airtight PC-1 cartridge, Rega 600 tonearm with Shelter 901 cartridge, Phase Linear FM tuner, Mapleshade equipment rack and speaker stands. Audioquest Sky interconnects and Audioquest Volcano Speaker cables. PS Audio PS500 AC regenerator, Harmonic Technology powercables, Echobuster room acoustic treatment.

    July 31st, 2009->Francisco Javier Sanchez Lara has sent these images of his hand-made Nautilis replica. If you want more information about this project, you can contact Javier at AudioKimaera@yahoo.es

    November 3rd, 2009->César has sent these images of his system: Gryphon Callisto 2200, sacd NAD M-5, Clearaudio Performance TT with Benz Ace cartridge, Martin Logan Aeon i speakers, Blue Ray Pioneer LX-71, DVD Vincent, Kimber Monocle XL speaker cable and Kimber Select for SACD, Scroers & Scroers hifi furniture.

    November 3rd, 2009->Shahriar Shokry from Irán has sent these images of his system: ARCAM A85 amp, ARCAM CD-73, REVOX reel to reel, EXELIA (AIWA) cassete deck, B&W 604 & VANDERSTEEN A2 speakers, VDH cables by Felexicon.

    November 3rd, 2009->Jesús has sent this image of his system: Luxman d-500 CD DIY tube preamp, BSS-360 active filter, Aiwa p-80 power amp for treble and Sony power amp for bass. Speakers are a 2 way desing with Beyma ATM tweeter and ATC 15" woofer.

    May 12nd, 2010->Eduard de Cáceres has sent these two images of a Neuman DST 62 fitted in his EMT 948 deck.

    May 27th, 2010->Miguel Palomo has sent these pics of his system: Santafé and casterad preamplifier (http://www.santafecasterad.es/) , Studio 22 speakers (http://www.studio-22.com), Jadis DA5 power amp (40w), Goldstar tuner (LG), TEAC V-1050 cassete deck, Nakamichi CD4 and Dual CS 455-1 turntable. He says that is very satified with these system.

    June 04th, 2010->Daniel Reina has sent these pics of his system: EMT 948, Thorens Prestige and Onken speakers adapted to Monitor Gold by Tannoy and Hpd 295. Each pair is adjusted in anaechoic chamber. Priority is timber and musicality. They have 95.58 db/w/m and work perfectly with low power triodes such as 145, 45, 2a3, 245, AD1, etc.

    April 08th, 2016->Angel Parera has sent photos of his system: triple Rack Exotéric by Artesania Audio with Krion turntable base, Bastanis Materhorn speakers with Gemini tweeter and 15" horn driver thta delivers a great sound, with excellent highs, great midrange and powerful bass. With 100 db of sensitivity they deliver a great sound with all kind of music. Interconnects are top models of Kondo, balanced from turntable to phono and line preamps and RCa to power amps. Speaker cables are Skogrand Tchaikovsky, great cable waiting to be replaced with Kondo top of range models. Other components include Kronos Sparta turntable, Helena toearm, Zyx Diamond cartridge, Thomas Mayer 211 mono power amps.

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