[ Fisher X-100B ]

Technical specifications

The condition of the Fisher X-100B was very bad when I got it. The main transformer and one of the electrolitic capacitors were seriously damaged. The transformer was rewired and the capacitor changed. All the signal capacitors were changed with Sprague Orange Drop. Pre-amp tubes were subtituted with Groove Tubes 7025 and power tubes with Philips NOS 7868 pentodes from Antique Electronic Supply.

The Fisher's sound is incredible. Clear, powerful, with everything: bass, treble, etc. This is my week-end main amplifier. I enjoy every saturday evening listening to it using CD's and records played with my Thorens TD 124. It is a really stunning amp that confirms my love for tube vintage gear.

These are photographs of the actual condition of the Fisher. I forgot to take photos when I got it but, believe me, it was in very bad condition.

July 20th, 2000-Ahhgggg!!! It's dead! One of the output transformers of my X-100B has dead! Totally burned. No solution. So: I need a pair of output transformers for my Fisher X-100B. Serial numbers are: T849-116-5 and T849-116-6. If anyboby has what I'm looking for, please contact me at my email address: erajr@hotrmail.com. If you have a pair of output transformers that were used in a Fisher amp fitted with 7591 tubes (like the X-101-D or others), also tell me it because these transformers will also work in my X-100B. I wait your messages.

August 14th, 2000-While trying to find a pair of output transformers for my Fisher X-100B, I have installed a pair of Hammond 1650F on the Fisher. Stop shouting! I know. This is a crime. The worst thing I could do to a classic amplifier is changing the output trannies, but I want to listen to the music and it should be seen as a temporal replacement....On the other hand the sound is great with more bass extension and definition and they look almost exactly as the original ones. Let's see what will happens!

September 27th, 2000-I got them! I found at Ebay a pair of output trannies for my Fisher X-100B. They come from a Fisher 400 receiver that used the same 7868 output tubes than my X-100B. Externally, they look great and according the former owner they work perfectly. We will check them in the next few weeks to see how they measure. Then I would decide if I replace the existing Hammonds. If you need this kind of material for your vintage equipment look at Ebay. It is a great place for vintage lovers.

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