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The main goal of this page is to share my love for hi-fi with the net community. Since 1997 I have been surfing the net looking for information about high fidelity. As you can imagine the volume of information in the internet about hi-fi is extremely high. The number of pages about audio is uncountable. But I think I have something to say about these themes. So I have decided to create this page you are seeing:

Audio Nirvana

Since March 1999, Audio Nirvana comes to you to inform about everything related to hi-fi. All along these years, Audio Nirvana has become one of the most succesful web sites about this theme and you confirm it day by day with your visits, your supporting emails, your questions, etc, etc.

Audio Nirvana wants to be the place where audiophiles meet each other, a place where all the hi-fi lovers share their experiences and knowledge. But also, wants to be an alternative to the traditional information channels devoted to hi-fi and musical reproduction. We all know these channels and sometimes we feel disappointed with them. They show us only the more commercial part of the hi-fi world and forget other themes. These themes are very important to Audio Nirvana and we want to bring them to you. Here you will find auditions of that equipment that doesn't appears on the magazines and we will try to offer as much information as we can to help to you to take your decissions. Also, taking advantage of the resources that the internet give to us, you will have a free space where to buy or sell your equipment, a forum where to go if you have doubts, etc. We just want to give to you as many resources and information as possible in order to ease you way to the audio nirvana.

On the other hand, this is also my personal page. Here you could see my experiences, my interests and how I have reached the audio nirvana. So, all what I write here are my personal opinions based on my own experiences adquired all along the years, but with only one objective in mind: to help audiophiles as much as I can. Take them as what they are, opinions. Remember that hi-fi and the way the music is reproduced are very personal questions and that the last word is always yours. You will enjoy or suffer your hi-fi equipment, not me. So you must decide. Trust your ears and have your own criteria.

Since January 2003, celebrating its 5th anniversay in the net, Audio Nirvana comes to you without banners, pop-up windows or ads (except on Bravenet service Guestbook). We have decided to take this step further in order to bring to you a higher quality site where to share your love for high fidelity.

Since March 2004, Audio Nirvana has a new Forum service at Ezboard. We have decided lo leave the old Bravenet Forum, that has served as so well during all these years for a new one at Ezboard that gives us more features.

In August 2005 a complete update of the contents of Audio Nirvana was made. All obsolete contents were eliminated and new ones were added.

In March 2007 the french magazine Revue du Son et du Home Cinema published a new about this web site. They gave to Audio Nirvana 4 of 5 points for its good contents. You can see these comments in this link. Thanks to the Revue du Son et du Home Cinema for they comments about Audio Nirvana.

In August 2007 Radio Euskadi interviwed me at Graffiti magazine about the vinyl return. You can listen to the intervew (sorry! in spanish only) clicking here.

Finally I would like to ask you a favour. If you find useful all the comments we do here, all the information we give, please leave a message in our guestbook. Many of you have sent to me messages saying that you find this site great, but I think that it could be better if you do it using the guestbook, because doing that other users will also read the messages. Your messages are always welcome and very helpful to follow our work. Keep sending them!

Thanks for coming.

If you want to do any comment about the contents of this page, please send an e-mail to:

Ernest Ruiz

Enjoy audio!!