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This is the section in my web site where you could say what do you think about Audio Nirvana. From March 16th, 2001 we have a true Guestbook. Before that date you could only send messages to my email address and I published them. Now it's easier!!. Click on the icon to write your comments. Please, let flames at home and be polite. This guestbook is moderated and any message not respecting the basic rules of politeness will be erased.

This forum is multilingual.

Thank you very much.

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These are some of the messages sent with the old email method.

-Dear Ernest: I'm writing to say that I have sold my VTL 75/75 valve power amplifier shown in your sell/buy section. I would like to thank your help very much. You are giving a very good service to the audio community. Your page is one of the best in Spain. Thank you very much. Carlos Noya.

-I'm sending to you some pics of my Thorens TT : the THORENS TD-160 MkII. If you want you could publish them in your fabulous page. Thank you very much for your great job. José Luis Camacho Espina.

-Dear Ernest: I have visited your page after talking to a friend of mine who is also an audiophile. I would like to encourage you to continue your job with your page and also with your equipment. It is very useful for us all the information you give and your point of view. Regards. Jose Luis Peralta.

-Ernest, I found your website off the Audio Asylum forum. I like your site. Nice TT pics, modification info, and overall a very nicely presented website. Keep up the good work. Marti Nickison II

Your web site is really stunning!!! I'm impressed with all the sections and all the information you have. Keep working on it! Jesús Encinar.

09/10/2000-Hello, Ernest. Your new website's look is a great improvement. There isn't many people that realizes how hard is to create a website and mantain it updated daily. Thanks to you the high-end panorama in Spain isn't reduced to the known magazines. Great job! Greetings. Juan Ruiz

17/10/2000-I visit very frequently Ernest's audio page (I know this page with this name for a long time. Audio Nirvana is a newer name for me) and now I have found a better looking page, with a new personality, with its news and comments. So, I would like to leave this feedback in this guestbook, supporting this excelent page created with Ernest's work. A true hi-fi lover. Modesto Garrido

10/01/2001-Dear Ernest, I can see that you are a fan of Quad tube amps. I'm not so lucky as you are, but I'm enjoying some components form the 77 series. Great site. Regards. Juan José.

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