[ My favourite links ]

These are a few of my favourite links. They serve me well. I hope they will help to you. Search the web by yourself to find more interesting places.


Audio Review

One of the more importants forums in the net. It has many sections, but the most useful is TechTalk. if you have any doubt about hi-fi, post a message there and wait for the audio community help.

Audio Asylum

Another audio forum. I prefer this one. Free of flames, you know? Very useful.


Another nice site with lots of information.

La página del Audio, Video, Cine en casa

One of the few audio pages in Spanish. The author is Modesto Garrido. Modesto also mantains a mail list about audio where you can subscribe. Visit the site for more information.

Alta Fidelidad para el Hogar

Antonio Díaz Rodríguez's personal page.

The British Federation of Audio

The BFA web site. Links to britihs audio manufacturersr.

NAD Electronics

NAD Electronics official web site. I list this for sentimental reasons. My first audio equipment was from NAD. I also list it because they have all the manuals for all their range of products available on line in PDF format.


Audiocom is a british company dedicated to providing the end user with a no compromise upgrade path in the field of digital & analogue electronics. One of its best known product is the "SUPERCLOCK" master clock.

JByG magazine

Spanish on-line magazine.

Marià Moya Audio

The official web site of Marià Moya and electroacoustic engineer and specialist in designing all kind of speakers.

Mundo HiFi

Probably one of the best web sites and audio forum in Spain. Lots of information, comments and audiophiles ready to help. If you speak spanish you have to visit it.

MCD Audio

A new spanish hifi company.

The Portable Audio Store

Web store for portable audio: headphones, headphone amplifiers, etc.


Vacuum Tube Valley

Vacuum Tube Valley is a magazine devoted to vacuum tube audio. You could find very useful info about all this stuff.

Angela Instruments

Spare parts, components, kits for tube lovers.

Antique Electronic Supply

Tubes, books, everything for tube lovers. One of the best with Angela Instruments web site.

Tube Depot

Tubes and tube amplifiers.

Groove Tubes

High quality tubes: NOS, JAN y new ones.

Roger Russell Mcintosh Lab

Do you have a Mcinstosh? This is your web site. Roger Russel is former director of Acoustic Research at the Mcintosh Laboratories. You could find everything related to Mcintosh..

The Fisher Radio Corporation

I have two Fishers amps, and you? If you need anything about Fisher visit this site. Al Pugliese is the expert in vintage Fisher equipment

Vintage H.H Scott Stereo Archive

All for vintage H.H Scott owners.

Classic Audio-Marantz Classics

For Marantz Lovers

Curcio Audio

Do you want to update your Dynaco ST 70? Check this site.

Gary's Tube Page.

More info about every Dynaco amplifier. Including schematics for ST-70 transformers.

Duncan's Amps Pages

The tube data search locator, a tube search engine.

Triode Electronics

Schematics, tubes and a lot of more info


If you are planning to live in Spain and you need a technical service specialized in tube gear this is your page. Jorge Bueno is the man at Amptek. He knows everything about tubes. He is the man who cares about my tube components. That's what you were looking for. Distributor for Magic Parts, Ruby Tubes (the ones I use in my equipment) and everything you need for your vintage tube equipment.

The Tube Store

A web site where you coul find any valve you look for: New, Used, NOS, JAN ,etc.

World Tube Audio Portal

A directory about tube gear. Everything.

Heathkit Virtual Museum

Heathkit classics.

Kieva Valley

All about classic Leak amps. Also information about Tannoy and Lowther.

Dynaco Doctor

A site by Curcio Audio devoted to the excelent Dynaco amplifiers. With spares, kits, electronic parts, etc.

Berner's McIntosh Information Site

A excellent site to find manuals for many Mcintosh products

New Sensor

Sovtek's web site, one of the biggest tube manufacturers in the world. I use Sovtek tubes in many of mine amplifiers. Also you can find components for your tube amp

Audio Research Data Base

A site about Audio Research products. Classic and current models

The Parts Connection

The Parts Connection, former subsidiary of Sonic Frontiers and Anthem. High quality parts for your tube amp


Here you can find the book "A taste of tubes" wrote by Sonic Frontiers technicians. An excellent method to know more about tube amps

Hi Fi Lit

Literature about classic hi-fi products.


Tube amps kits.

Flashback Sales

Cables for classic equipment. Great for Quad users.

Dynakit Parts

Wow! Wonderful. The famous Dynakits again alive. Great! Visit the site!!

The Vintage Knob

Dozens of pages of good vintage hifi.

Marantz Philips NL

Information about Marantz and Philips equipment.

Audio Kreativ

Information about classic turntable restoration. Thorens, Garrard and tonearms.

ESL 57

Sheldon Stokes Audio Playground.

The best internet site about ESL 57. Everything: schemes, details about refurbishing, modifications, links. Everything!

The Audio Circuit.

A site about audio but with special information about everything related to electrostatic loudspeakers.

The Quad ESL.

Really great. Lots of info. Special information on panel coating and materials for refurbishing.

Quad Germany

The german firm that builds and repair Quad ESL 57.

One Thing Audio

British firm specialized in Quad. Excellent references.

Shackman Electrostatic Loudspeaker Repair Service

German company highly specialized in manufacturing, refurbishing, reparing and servicing all kind of electrostatic speakers.


Spanish specialist on high fidelity equipment and all kind of electrostatic loudspeakers. Excellent service.


Jerry Raskins Needledoctor

Everything for your TT: cartridges, needles, belts, cables, etc..

Origin Live

Do you want to build your own TT? Here you will have a nice kit. They also offer modified Rega arms and turntables.

Stanton Magnetics

Stanton we site.

Shure Brothers

Shure web site.


Ortofon web site.

Phono Phono

German firm specialized in everything for vinyl lovers.

Schopper AG Switzerland

Swiss specialist in vinyl world and on Thorens TD124. Spares and new equipment for TD 124 lovers. Excellent.

La Magia del Vinilo

Spanish representative for Schopper AG, Swissonor and Hashimoto transformers.


All Music Guide

Do you want to know everything about your favourite artist?.


Audio Advisor

One of the best places to buy audio equipment in the internet.

Audiophile International USA

I buy all my vinyl from Audiophile International. Excelent service.

Acoustics Sounds

High quality vynil from Analogue Productions (they are the owners). All the recording process using tube equipment. Big catalogue.

CD Now

The CD mega-store on the net.


What can I say about amazon...?.

The Emporium.

Brtish vintage audio specialist. You can contact Nick T. Besley to ask any question.

Ebay Listings Vintage UK.

EBay UK for vintage audio. Lots of equipment.

Ebay Listings Vintage USA.

EBay USA for vintage audio. Lots of equipment.


What Hi-Fi

British mag. Great list about any audio component.

Hi-Fi World

British mag. Valve kits and DIY sections.

Hi-Fi Choice

Another good brit mag.

Hi Fi News

The one I read. I like it.


USA reference magazine.


On-line mag.

The Audio Revolution

On-line mag.

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