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With this section, one of the oldest of Audio Nirvana, we want to give to the audiophiles a place where to buy or sell hi-fi equipment directly to other users. We give this space absolutely free, because we belive that 2nd hand, ex-demo or out-of-catalogue equipment are an excelent way to begin with hi-fi or to improve existing systems. Professionals of the hifi distribution (shops, etc) can also send their advertisements to this section, althought it will be necessary to indentify themselves as professionals. All the messages must include an email address for contacting sellers or buyers.

Audio Nirvana brings to you this section for free with the aim to give audiophiles all around the world a place where they can buy or sell easily their hifi equipment. Audio Nirvana recommends to you to be careful with the transactions you do and also wants to remember that these transactions are made under your exclusive responsibility. Audio Nirvana is no responsible in any way for the transactions between the users of this section, nor for the damages that they may cause.

07/02/2005 -- ATTENTION !!! Some users of this section have sent to me warning messages where they explain that some buyers have contacted them to buy their equipment offering INTERNATIONAL PERSONAL CHEQUES as method of payment. It seems that they contact the sellers saying that they are far away from home in places where thay can not do a bank transfer or use another method of payment. I have to warm you about these situations because these payment methods are not sure enough for your transactions. Also to remember you that if you are not 100 % sure about any transaction you are about to do, it is better to refuse it.

10/01/2008 -- To all the users of this section: As you already now, Audio Nirvana web site has this section for all the audiophiles who want to sell or buy hi-fi equipment. The maintenance of this section is made in a daily basis and it needs your help. So, we suggest to all sellers:

And to all buyers:

If you want to include a classified in this section to buy or sell high fidelity equipment, click in the link shown below:

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02/05/2017 -- NOTICE !!!

Dear friends of Audio Nirvana,

After almost twenty years maintaining this classifieds section, I would like to inform you that due the high amount of messages received every day, I have decided to close the section indefinitely. I would like to thank your confidence in Audio Nirvana during all these years. I will continue answering your questions about high fidelity at my email address erajr@hotmail.com.

Best regards

Ernest Ruiz

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